If You are In Business- You Need a Commercial Photographer

Have you ever heard the saying, “Image is everything?”  Well, when you are talking about a photo it is patently true.  A bad image sends a bad message.  An unprofessional photo of your “space,” “face,” “menu item,” or “product,” could be ruinous.

dallas commercial photography

For this reason, hiring a professional photographer is critical any time you have something to sell.  Even attorneys and doctors have something to sell, their image and their services.  Trusting such things to an amateur photographer or just someone who has finally figured out that digital camera he bought last week could cost you more business than you’d have paid to hire a professional.
Are images important?  Let me see … Are you an attorney?  As a consumer, I want to know what you look like.  I’d like to see your office space.  Are you an interior designer?  I want to see an on-line portfolio and the images BETTER be fantastic or I won’t hire you.  Do you own a condominium development?  Then when I look on-line I want to see every available feature prior to making an appointment.  This is simply cost effective- you don’t want a bunch of “shoppers” who might not even like what they see to waste the valuable time of your staff. 
No matter what business you have- you need images and most likely video on your website and you need to invest in social media.  I know, social media is for kids right?  Not anymore.  If you are not active in social media you are losing money and clients every day. 
I’ve researched hundreds of companies who handle social media under the umbrella of PR and branding and reputation management- however, this comes at a HUGE premium.  What if you are already well branded and have in-house PR?  Well, you can hire someone to exclusively run your social media channels to make sure you are active and have a HUGE presence. 
The best of the best are people who actually have degrees in social media and are so up to the minute it reminds me of those commercial where the guy says “Hey, did you know you could upload videos to facebook from …”  And his buddies show him that they’ve already done it?  The social media gurus are that good.
Many of my busy professional clients have had to hand over this responsibility to someone who handles social media exclusively.  Here is the other shoe dropping.  Social media is visual and content driven, so you are going to have to invest in photography and videography to make sure you are as cutting edge as your competition.  Anything they are doing that you aren’t puts money in their pockets instead of yours. 
The old adage, “you have so spend money to make money?”  True. 
While most marketing seems to be done on-line, many businesses still invest in a take-away piece in the form of a brochure or their PR people leave the piece with businesses in close proximity that might refer you. 
Dallas is a thriving commercial region and the importance of photography can not be overstated.  We have to see to hire services, to buy products, to visit locations or be lured to eat in Dallas’ highly competitive restaurant market.  Put your best images out there and position yourself at the top of the heap instead of in the middle.

The Top Five Reasons To Hire a Commercial Photographer
*    Any thing you are selling must be photographed so it can be positioned in your collaterals.
*    Any thing you are selling must be photographed so it can be utilized on the web to tantalize your potential clients.
*    Any thing you are selling must be photographed so it can be part of your emerging social media campaign.
*    Hiring a photographer without an on-line portfolio, a studio, education or experience will be completely wasted money.
*    Dallas is far too competitive a commercial environment not to keep up with your competitors.  Photography and videography are as critical as social media is quickly becoming. 

dallas commercial photography

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